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Hi there! I'm Ricky Chauhan, a marketing expert with a passion for helping people and businesses visualise and achieve their goals.

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Personal, strategic and tactical

What you'll get from me is a personal, strategic and tactical approach which will aim to:

  • Understand and accomplish your business and marketing objectives.

  • Know your customers better.

  • Turn your long-term vision into reality by analysing your business and marketing to develop sustainable, practical plans which work for you.

So, whether you're a small business trying to make it big or a multinational trying to gain market share, I can help visualise and realise your potential. 

My personal approach will get you more leads, opportunities and revenue streams, as well as offering everything you'd expect from an in-house marketing department.

If you're looking for a marketing consultant who provides a personal touch and wants to help you succeed, get in touch today so we can have a chat.

Brands I've worked with

Here's some of the companies that have used my expertise to evolve their marketing.

Intelligent Energy

  • Launched company's first consumer electronics product.

  • Brand creation and development.
  • Event management and experiential activity.

SAI Global

  • Marketing strategy and delivery for new launch of software program.

  • Generated new leads by using gamification and dedicated iOS app.
  • Social media strategy.

Leicester Castle Business School

  • Review and recommend marketing activity for launch of school.

  • Promotional merchandising.
  • Digital marketing.


  • Reviewed marketing communications.

  • Streamlined communications to save over £100k a year.

  • Raised awareness of local marketing for agricultural business.


  • Developed new ways of working to achieve cost and time efficiencies.

  • Brand development.
  • Planned and delivered national marketing campaigns.

NOW: Pensions

  • Auditing marketing communications to bring in annual cost saving of over £150k.

  • Creating new channels to improve engagement with members.
  • Analysing customer journeys and user experience.


Ricky provided useful market insight and was an integral part of my marketing team. He is conscientious and extremely dependable to deliver when required. Ricky managed the relationship with agencies and stakeholders in the UK and US with whom he built a good rapport that helped drive the marketing plan forward. It gave me confidence having Ricky on the team and it was a pleasure to work with him.
— Amar Samra, Global Executive in Technology and Consumer Products Industries
Ricky made a major contribution to our business through his involvement to implement a social media strategy. He was instrumental in reviewing social media platforms, recommendations on how these could be integrated into our overall communication strategy, identifying a time-efficient way of managing social media activity and measuring against objectives. The recommendations were implemented globally and turned our social media strategy from concept to reality.
— Kate Dodds, Marketing Development Manager EMEA, SAI Global
I’ve always found Ricky to be enthusiastic and willing to think creatively in order to get the job done.
— Nathan Barber-Kebby, Head of Strategic Planning, Aetna
I brought Ricky in to Intelligent Energy as a consultant. He built strategic marketing campaigns, developed a brand and crafted targeted marketing content. A great guy with a great attitude and a wealth of marketing experience to call on.
— James Hastie, Product Manager, Intelligent Energy
I’ve known Ricky for a number of years and always found him to be proactive and passionate about what he does. With an ability to think on his feet, add value and deliver results, Ricky is a great guy and a real team player.
— Katie Russell, Customer Experience Director, Intelligent Energy
Ricky is a motivated and detail orientated who always delivers above and beyond what’s asked. Not afraid to challenge the direction if he feels its not going to deliver what’s being asked of it, which has proven valuable in several situations.
— Jon Fisher, Brand, Marketing and Communication Strategist
Ricky is proactive, focussed and knowledgeable. A great pleasure to work with.
— Rachel Housam, Customer Experience Manager


Creating and building a strong brand is vital to communicate with more customers, drive call to action and increase sales. It doesn't matter if you're a fledgling or mature business - if your sales aren't growing as you'd like them to, then it's probably down to your marketing and business strategy. Identifying problems and optimising your marketing activities will provide you with a better chance of enhancing your brand and engaging more customers.

If your customers can't find you or know what your business offers, how can you sell to them?

My personal approach always aims to give you the most effective solution to your problem so hard-earned money isn't wasted. I don't like wasting money and I wouldn't expect you to like it either.

Here are some of the services on offer to maximise your marketing investment, hit your goals and exceed your objectives.

Marketing Strategy

Make sure you're reaching the people you want to with effective communications at the right time. The right strategy will help you increase your brand exposure and value, creating more fans, more leads, more sales.

Marketing and business review

An audit of the past and current situation which will provide recommendations to plan for the future.

Digital marketing

To make an impact in today's online world you need to create a sustainable, effective strategy to differentiate your brand and reach more people with your message. Ensure your website delivers what it's meant to, learn more about your customers, tell more people about what your business does. There's so much that can be done with digital marketing to help all types of businesses. ensuring your website does what your customers need it to do with the right structure and content, to utilising Google Ads to drive more leads.

Social media marketing

Social media use continues to grow and is the new word-of-mouth marketing. I can help you use this tool effectively and enhance your online presence with the right social media strategy. Make sure you're utilising the right social media channels to reach your target audience and giving them what they're looking for with the right content.

Copywriting and content creation

Great content generates more leads and more sales. Copywriting and content creation for on and offline marketing, such as brochures, leaflets, direct mails, websites, social media or email.

Staff communications

Internal communications often get overlooked. A motivated and informed workforce is an effective workforce. Your people are your brand, so it helps if they know what's going on in their company.

Graphic design and printing

Bespoke, creative design and print solutions which give the "wow" factor and increase brand recall aiding business growth. Even though the world is so focused on digital, traditional print still has power and the right design and execution will help you cut through the online noise and deliver your message to your customers.

Promotional merchandise

Everyone loves a freebie. However, dont' waste money on ineffective promo items. Promotional merchandise should create a lasting impression and help people recall your brand and the experience they had with the business. 

Marketing training

I can deliver a programme to educate you and your employees on the principles of marketing which apply to your business and will build better communication.

Sales and motivational coaching and mentoring

Everyone needs a positive talk now and then. An occasional motivational session can encourage employees to re-focus on objectives and the company's mission. One size does not fit all, so I can provide group or 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring designed to improve on an individual's weakness and build on their strenghts.

Let's talk

If you're looking to take your marketing to the next level, get more leads, create a better brand, be more social,then get in touch with me today. Send me your details with a bit of background on your and the help you might need and I'll arrange a time for us to have a chat about what we can do.

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Questions & Answers

"What is your experience in marketing and business?"

My background is quite varied. I started off working in customer service and sales, achieving top salesperson status at a FTSE 100 company within a couple of years. I then moved into financial services marketing where I was responsible for planning and developing major high street campaigns, internal communications, customer relationship manager and change management. Besides this, I was also responsible for reviewing processes and cost savings via procurement.

I moved on to work for a couple of global financial and software companies helping them save over £100,000 on their annual budget through process efficiency. In additiona, I developed the social media strategy, web strategy, iOS applications and the overall marketing strategy for a new product launch. 

From there, I went on to accomplish launching a company's first ever consumer electronics product into market. This involved creating the brand, developing the launch strategy, web development and working with teams in the USA and Asia. Proudly, I coordinated the launch of the product in UK Apple Stores and via the web.

Shortly after the launch, I coordinated a product showcase for the company at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA which is the largest consumer electronics show in the world. 

More recently, I helped a pensions company analyse their marketing and customer journeys and communications. Through this, I redesigned an important piece of marketing collateral and created a new communication channel which meant the business realised a year-on-year cost saving of £150,000.

"Is marketing all about using the internet?"

Not entirely! The internet has made a lot of things easier for us, but there is still room for 'traditional' marketing. It all depends on what your business objectives are and working out the most effective way to achieve them. I treat all each of my clients as individuals and work with them to construct a plan which best fits their needs and business purpose.

"I've just started my business and don't have much money to spend on marketing. How do I attract customers?"

You should always look at marketing as an investment and not an expense because it's there to drive sales. However, marketing isn't all about splashing the cash! It's all about finding the right marketing mix for you and your business. My personal approach to consulting will assist you in finding the best possible solutions to your problems with the resources you have available. It's about being smart and savvy, not always about big and brash. Quality tends to win out over quantity.

The worse thing any business can do, especially in difficult economic times, is to stop marketing. Remember, marketing is an investment and not an expense which, when done properly, will help your business. In fact, very few business can afford to do this, unless they have a service, product or brand which nobody can live without - do you? Marketing is more than just selling. It's about maintaining relationships, promoting new partnerships and engaging people with your brand. You can't just stop communicating with your customers - they want to know you're still there for them.

Working together, I can generate a plan which will suit your present needs and set the groundwork for any future businss or marketing department.

"I've got a mature business, why should I spend money on marketing?"

Well done! Nothing beats the excitement of having a new idea for a business and becoming your own boss. With so much going on it can be difficult to know what to do to move your idea forward. I will sit down with you to understand and appreciate your vision and objectives, and together build a path to success. Every business is unique and so I evaluate each individual idea and formulate a plan which will work for you.

"I've got a great idea for a business but don't know how to  get started. What should I do?"

Social media can be great fun and a fantastic business tool when used correctly. Every business has different needs how they use social media will be different for each one of them. A lot of the time, the use of social media in businss comes down to resource. Whether you're a sole trader or a multinational corporation, you need to assess what your objectives are and the resource you have available to use social media. This is human and financial resource. You may be thinking "but Facebook is free", yes it's free to sign up, but if you want to make it useful you need to create stuff for your audience that will make them want to like you, follow you and get in touch with you.

Social media used as part of a wider integrated plan can work but it is something which needs to be discussed when looking at the overall plan and objectives. I'll support you and formulate a schedule and content to get started in social media.

"Will social media help my business?"